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Estimate / inquiry

Please transmit the consultation / estimate / order / inquiry to furoshiki .homepage.jp from an email form below willingly.

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Customer information / inquiry contents

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Name Hiragana
Company name
Zip code

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Phone number Half size ( Example:12-3456-7890 )
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Quantity sheets
Size Please choose the size of furoshiki

There is the case that customer cannot choose depending on the cloth.
Please look the page of furoshiki in detail.
The kind of the cloth Please choose the kind of cloth.
Cloth color Furoshiki
Purple Vermilion Ultramarine blue Purplish red
A kind of crest  Please choose it among regular crest list and input it.

Easy order furoshiki for name printed / gift / souvenir

Quantity Sheets
Size Please choose the size of furoshiki.

There is the case that customer cannot choose depending on the cloth.
Please Look at the page of the souvenir furoshiki in detail.
The kind of cloth,cloth-colored ・Shantung
Orange Purple Dark blue
Purple Dark blue Green
・Sazara texture
Orange Purplish red Purple Green
Putting article pattern Digital data Analog data

Original Kyoto furoshiki

Quantity Sheets
Colors number
Note) The cloth of the broadcloth is only one color.
A Kind of the cloth
Please choose the chosen cloth size.
Cloth Small furoshiki Two width 24 width Three width
(cotton 100%)

About 50x51

About 72x73

About 90x91

About 105x106
(cotton 100%)

About 50x51

About 92x93

About 108x109
Rayon crape
(rayon 100%)

About 45x46

About 68x69

About 90x91
(polyester 100%)

About 45x46

About 70x71

About 105x106
Polyester crape
(polyester 100%)

About 45x46

About 70x71

About 92x93

About 108x109
Design Please send the design to below address.
※We ask for the presentation of a design correct as possible if there is a design,
because the price changes by the design,
Hope contents
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