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Completely original furoshiki

We take the completely original Kyoto furoshiki.
We make Kyoto furoshiki with design, cloth, and color etc customer’s desire.

A kind of the cloth and size of the cloth

Cloth Small furoshiki Two width 24 width Three width
(Cotton 100%)
About 50x51 About72x73 About90x91 About105x106
(Cotton 100%)
About50x51 About92x93 About108x109
Rayon crape
(Rayon 100%)
About45x46 About68x69 About90x91
(Polyester 100%)
About45x46 About70x71 About105x106
Polyester crape
(Polyester 100%)
About45x46 About70x71 About92x93 About108x109

Please inquire in detail because prices are different by size, a design, a kind of the cloth, the number of sheets.
As we estimate that I have you refer to us, please contact us from a telephone or an inquiry form


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